Nursing student Katri Sajama to receive 2017 Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Student Katri Sajama from Tampere University of Applied Sciences received the 2017 Queen Silvia Nursing Award.

The jury comprised of the award partner representatives considered Katri Sajama’s idea of a friendly door alarm to combine empathy and technology in an innovative manner. The talking door alarm becomes activated when the door handle is turned and relaxes the elderly person with a familiar voice of for example a relative.

Katri Sajama is studying nursing at TAMK for the first year. She has also completed a partial upper secondary degree in wellbeing technology to complement her prior metal artisan degree.





TAMK signs agreement with Hanze UAS for increased cooperation

TAMK has recently signed an agreement with Hanze UAS in which the two universities of applied sciences commit to deepen their effective long-term collaboration and take concrete steps towards creating double degree programmes.


TAMK awarded for long-term international co-operation with Brno

The Faculty of Business and Management of Brno University of Technology (BUT) celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 22nd. During the celebrities TAMK School of Business and Services was awarded for the long-term co-operation.


President of the Republic of Finland confirms Tampere3-related legislative proposals

The new higher education community in Tampere will be established at the beginning of 2019. The University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology will merge to create a new foundation-based university that also becomes the main owner of TAMK.




Finland 100 years: TAMK donated a week of education to Brazil

To celebrate long-term educational cooperation and Finland’s 100-year independence, TAMK wanted to donate the Brazilian public sector schools a sample of what investment in teacher education and staff motivation can achieve.


TAMK’s degrees in English raised interest

Higher education in Tampere is of interest all over the world. Altogether seven degree programmes in English at TAMK were open for applications and a total of 1322 arrived before the deadline on Wednesday 25 Jan 2017.


TAMK and THUAS strengthen their cooperation

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) concluded a strategic partnership agreement with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) in the Netherlands. THUAS is a multidisciplinary higher education institution with almost 26,000 students from 140 countries.