President’s overview

2017 was a year characterised by Tampere3 planning. TAMK was involved in dozens of working groups preparing plans for driving forward the community of universities in Tampere.

As the building of the new Tampere University progresses, these plans will serve as the basis for the decisions that we will be making in 2018 regarding how we will organise shared training programmes, RDI cooperation and support services in practice. New joint education openings have already been agreed on for the following academic year. In addition to this, we also launched numerous shared RDI projects between TAMK and the other universities last year.

In terms of figures, 2017 was another successful year for TAMK. The number of degrees awarded remained almost the same compared to the previous year, even though five years ago the number of students admitted was reduced by over a hundred. The rate at which students progress through their studies has improved and the numbers of students who discontinue their studies have decreased slightly overall. Our appeal has also remained among the top of the country: almost five primary applicants are seeking every study place.

“In RDI activities we managed to expand our project portfolio and carry out a record-breaking number of projects. ”


One area in which development was particularly positive was RDI project activities, where we managed to expand our project portfolio while also carrying out a record-breaking number of projects. Considering that at the same time we also increased the volume of international education exports in both degree programmes and other education, the year can be deemed to have been quite successful.

It is thanks to these successes that TAMK’s financial results remained good, even as state funding continued to decrease.

I would like to extend my thanks to all of our students, staff and interest groups for their excellent work in 2017.


2018 opened the opportunity for TAMK, as well as other universities of applied sciences, to collect support donations and receive a national counterpart. This is an opportunity we want to seize – and we welcome you to join us!

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Markku Lahtinen
President, CEO



Chairman of the Board’s overview

The operations of TAMK in 2017 were again divided into two: normal higher educational operations, and the development of the new university community in Tampere.

It is admirable how well the actual operations have gone alongside all of the extra development work. TAMK’s appeal and other key figures have remained good on all areas measured.

A giant step forwards was taken in the university community development as the Tampere University Foundation was formed in April 2017. Students, staff, and the TAMK board have participated extensively in the development of the new community. We can move forward with a trusting mind. The autonomy granted in legislation and the opportunity to participate in the board operations in the future provide the staff and students with an excellent possibility to participate in the development of TAMK’s education from a working life perspective. However, these rights must be held on to, because the high quality of university of applied sciences education is important to society.

The results of last year’s personnel survey were another cause of delight. The respondents felt that their wellbeing at work was good, and 89 per cent were very or fairly satisfied with their place of work as a whole. It was worth noting that the staff considered their job to be interesting and challenging. In the section on the management of the Tampere3 change, the staff expressed their concern about how the best interests of all three universities can be considered. The need for an open and transparent process was also pointed out. Both are important matters, which must constantly be kept in mind on the various levels of the process.

All in all, I wish to warmly thank all of the staff and students for their significant work for securing the continued success of TAMK!


Matti Höyssä
Chairman of the Board, Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd.


The student union’s year 2017

For the student union Tamko, 2017 was a year of achievements as well as challenges. The previous record on the number of members was broken, with 7,200 members in the student union.

Measured in the number of members, Tamko is Finland’s largest student union. We have worked hard throughout the year to ensure this situation in the future, as well. The greatest challenges included creating our own strategy and the requirements for the Tampere3 advocacy work.

The creation of the strategy was started in order to ensure a clear direction and objectives to use in the development of Tamko’s operations. The three points of emphasis in the strategy were a membership rate of over 95 per cent, reach of communications, and a good financial standing. The operators of next year were appointed the creation of strategic actions and indicators.

The Tampere3 project employed the student union throughout the year, for example student trusteeship was quite a laborious area. We met with our colleagues from the other student unions regularly, and kept regular contacts with the management of TAMK, as well as the managers of the project.

The existence of Tamko in the future university community is secured. We start from the expectation that TAMK and its students have exactly the same role in the community as the universities and their students. In addition to challenges, the Tampere3 project offers students plenty of opportunities. We want to be able to build a caring community of higher education institutions which works together for common goals and experiments courageously, and which all of its members are happy to be part of.


Verna Rantala
President of Students’ Union Tamko 2017



Tampere University of Applied Sciences

TAMK is one of the largest and most popular institutions of higher education in Finland.


TAMK in numbers

• ca 10 000 degree students

• ca 700 members of staff

• 7 fields of study

• 17 bachelor’s degrees

• 15 master’s degrees

• over 40 degree programmes

• almost 1800 degrees awarded each year

• annual budget of 65 million euros



TAMK is a multidisciplinary, international university of applied sciences which focuses on promoting health and wellbeing, business and technology together with learning and creativity.



Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd is a subsidiary of the Tampere University Foundation.



Members of the board until 18 June 2017: Jari Alanen, Matti Aho, Linda Asikainen, Lauri Hietalahti, Matti Höyssä, Risto Ilomäki, Riitta Metsänen, Kalle Mäkelä and Iiris Suomela.

Members of the board from 19 June 2017 on: Ulla Aatsinki, Jari Alanen, Linda Asikainen, Merve Caglayan, Lauri Hietalahti, Matti Höyssä (President), Risto Ilomäki, Antti Lahti and Verna Rantala.


From left: Matti Höyssä, Ulla Aatsinki, Merve Caglayan, Lauri Hietalahti, Linda Asikainen, Verna Rantala, Antti Lahti, Jari Alanen and Risto Ilomäki.




• City of Tampere, from 28 February 2018 Tampere University Foundation 87 %

• Sastamala Municipal Education and Training Consortium 9 %

• Municipality of Ikaalinen 1.5 %

• Municipality of Ylöjärvi 1.5 %

• Tampere Music College Foundation 0.5 %

• Tampere School of Household Management Association 0.5 %

The CEO of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd is TAMK President Markku Lahtinen.


Executive Group


Markku Lahtinen,
President, CEO

Merja Jortikka,
HR Director

Päivi Karttunen,
Vice President, Development

Aura Loikkanen,
Director of Higher Education Services

Mikko Naukkarinen,
Vice President, Business

Marja Sutela,
Vice President, Education and RDI

Merja Saarinen,
Expert Member, Finance







The first technical college in Finland established in Tampere.


Rebuilding of infrastructure calls for more engineering skills. Several new colleges start all around Finland.


Test period for universities of applied sciences. Temporary licence for Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Focus on social services and health, catering and tourism, business, music and media.


Permanent license for Tampere University of Applied Sciences, owned by the City of Tampere.


Temporary licence for Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK). Focus on technology, forestry, business, art and media.


Permanent licence for Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences Ltd, main owner the City of Tampere.


TAMK and PIRAMK unite to become Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


Permanent licence for Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd. A prospect for merging the higher education institutions in Tampere is introduced.


The Ministry of Education sets working groups to advance the so-called Tampere3 process.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences will form a new higher education community together with the new Tampere University. TAMK’s main owner is the Tampere University Foundation.